Re: help sanity check the release notes

On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 22:04 +0900, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> All,
> Because my GNOME 2.22 isn't actually working very well, the release
> notes currently contain a lot of FIXMEs and XXX entries. This is
> suboptimal.

Might want to mention, under "Better Networked Filesystems", that we now

 - cdda:// - audio tracks on Audio CD's are available as .wav files; and
 - gphoto2:// - for digital cameras that are not mass storage

out of the box (though you may want to avoid technical terms like
cdda:// and gphoto2://). These are pretty visible end user features; we
didn't have this in upstream builds of gnome-vfs.

Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that Nautilus now handles
automounting/autostart in a much shinier way that g-v-m did (see #510319
for details including lots of screenshots) including Cluebar support and
the ability for apps to easily participate in this via setting a mime

(And hopefully we can completely remove g-v-m for 2.24.)


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