March 2008 Linux Journal has articles on GNOME Accessibility

Hey All:

Just a quick note -- Eitan Isaacson and I have GNOME accessibility articles published in the March 2008 Linux Journal. Mine is on Orca and Eitan's is on Accerciser. This is exciting stuff to me because it helps get our GNOME accessibility story out to a large range of mainstream developers and decision makers.

One of the great things about working on accessibility in GNOME is that the majority of the people support it across the board. Way to go, and many thanks for your support, your positive attitude, and the fact that you "get it".


PS - I blogged about it here: Click on it and you can see the "Many Faces of Will" at the top. The most recent is the one furthest right -- I have very short hair and I'm skinny after a hard season of bicycle racing. My favorite is the second from the left, but my wife thinks I look too "Hey Dude".

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