Pashto/Kashmiri locale


Since 2.23 GNOME started supporting ps and ks locale but so far there
is no core support for them in glibc.

What libc implementations support these locales?

Are you aware if localization teams put any effort in providing equal
support in glibc?

I'm asking as we have very strict dependency tracking in PLD Linux so
we have to either remove ks and ps from all the GNOME packages or
patch glibc to support them (and thus provide a directory for them).
So far I was ignoring this issue but there is little time before 2.24
gets released and we'd like to make sure we can provide the best
experience to our users by then :)

Sorry if sending this to the desktop-devel-list was an utterly wrong
idea but it seems to involve the whole suite :)

Patryk Zawadzki

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