Re: libcanberra as an external dependency


Le jeudi 07 août 2008, à 11:59 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke a écrit :
> It seems to me there is a fundamental problem with adding libcanberra as  
> an external dependency.  It currently only supports ALSA and pulseaudio  
> audio output.  However, the default sounds daemon for GNOME is still  
> esound.  The BSDs and Solaris do not support ALSA, so this leaves them a  
> tough choice for sound events.  Pulseaudio replaces esd, but it is not a  
> blessed GNOME dependency.
> I think libcanberra must have an esd output plug-in at the very least  
> (i.e. if not also OSS and Sun Audio) in order to be a viable external  
> dependency.  This would go a long way to helping non-Linux platforms  
> achieve working sound theme support using all blessed GNOME dependencies.

How hard is it to write an oss and/or a sun audio backend?

Note that this the kind of reply that I was asking for a few weeks ago:


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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