Re: Bugzilla CCs (Was: Re: Freedesktop sound theme support in gnome-control-center trunk)

On 6 Aug 2008, at 17:31, Shaun McCance wrote:

Could we perhaps add a drop down with some of the common
cross-module accounts?  Something like:

Developer Documentation <gnome-devel-docs-maint gnome bugs>
User Documentation <gnome-user-docs-maint gnome bugs>
Usability <usability-maint gnome bugs>
Internationalization <???>
Accessibility <???>

Not only do people not have to remember these anymore,
but having them displayed also serves as a reminder to
developers that they should involve these teams more

Sounds like good idea. It might be useful if such a scheme could be tied into keywords as well-- i.e. if you cc usability-maint, the usability keyword gets added automatically, and/or vice versa. (I think I asked once before if that was possible, but it wasn't at the time...)


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