Re: Proposal: enable accessibility by default for GNOME

Hi Brian,

Will HCLPI theme be there too?

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 10:36 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Mathias:
> > Ok, I agree, that it is ridiculous that currently accessibility has to
> > be activated manually.
> Agreed.
> > What makes me wonder: Can't we improve our to enable those features on
> > demand? As far as I understand the accessibility tool chain it consists
> > of those components:
> In GDM 2.20 and earlier, it supported the ability to define keypress
> (hotkey), mouse-button-press, and dwell gestures (implemented by
> moving the mouse in-and-out of the login screen in various patterns).
> These gestures were used to launch AT programs on demand as needed by
> users.
> With the new GDM rewrite, these features were dropped.  Now that GDM
> uses gnome-settings-daemon, it was suggested that the best way for
> this to work would be to implement such on-demand AT launching features
> in gnome-settings-daemon in a way that it would work for both the
> login screen and the user session.  Presumably you could also use a
> similar (or the same) mechanism when installing.  This way the same
> mechanisms work in all places.
> It was discussed that there probably needs to be 3 types of programs
> that can be started via this mechanism:
> - an On-screen keyboard (would be nice to support both dwell-type
>    and single-button type users separately)
> - a magnifier
> - text-to-speech and braille support
> Most likely these features would be launched in a
> lowest-common-denominator fashion so that it would work for the most
> users.  The idea being that users would then navigate to the preferences
> to best configure how they want a particular AT program to work.  This
> would obviously be a one-time event for the user session.
> It is probably also necessary to support hotkey, button-press, and
> dwell gestures for launching the three types of programs to support
> the widest range of users with accessibility needs.  However, the dwell
> method implemented in GDM (moving the mouse in-and-out of the login
> window) probably doesn't make as much sense when running in a user
> session.  However, there are other "dwell" type gestures that could
> be implemented that would be more generally useful (such as moving
> the mouse to points in the screen in some pattern or something).
> To me, this seems the best approach.
> Brian
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