Participate in GOPA! (GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility)

Hi All:

I just want to send out a reminder to let you know "GNOME Outreach Program: Accessibility" stuff is still underway and that there are still tasks available:

We had some really good interest in the documentation task and Vincent Alexander, a very brave soul, is currently working on it (yeah!). This is probably one of the most important tasks, so let's all try to get behind Vincent and help him succeed.

We've had some interest in the Evince and Magnification tasks, but no people have been designated as the official owners of these yet. This is a reminder to submit your strong proposals! These are important tasks, and I'm especially interested in seeing them succeed. I'd also like to see more along the lines of the testing task as well as "your idea here". Surely, there must be a really good idea someone has to add value to GNOME accessibility! If you want some food for thought, take a look at Imagine, for example, how cool it might be to create a kick butt DAISY reader.

We've also had some people working on the short-term tasks (yeah), with some bugs being closed. There's still plenty of opportunity to participate, however, so take a look and jump in. You'll get some cash along the way to improving the overall accessibility offering of GNOME. If I can manage to swing a trip to GUADEC this year, I'll also buy you some beers.

Finally, we've set up regular Monday meetings on at 13:30 UTC for people to get together and chat. They've been very good so far -- please come by this coming Monday if you are interested.


PS - As a potential discussion -- if there were something we could do differently to make GOPA more attractive to you, what would it be?

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