GNOME Roadmap Draft - Call for Review

Hi all,

The GNOME Roadmap draft for 2.24 (and partially for 2.26 and future
2.x releases) is available at:

This is a call for triaging the Roadmap. If you're a maintainer/developer
of any GNOME module and think there's any wrong or missing information
in there, please let us know or just edit that page directly.

Note: the Roadmap is not the Release Notes. Therefore, we can go a
little bit deeper into the technical details. We tried to cleanup the
too-specific/internal technical details though.

We plan to heat up discussions about the actual content of the Roadmap
in the next days.  We'll send a summary of what the developers said about
missing bits on platform/infrastructure and the suggested GNOME-wide

Big thanks for all the maintainers/developers who provided the
necessary information to build this roadmap!

We plan to publish the Roadmap in the official page[1] on April 28th so it
would be really nice to have all the fixes until this date.




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