Proposed (kind of) new module


Recently the Seahorse maintainers decided to divide our current module into two.

* seahorse - This module contains code pertaining to managing OpenPGP
and SSH keys, Passwords and other stored secrets, and soon

* seahorse-plugins - This module contains seahorse-agent, our panel
applet and plugins we've developed to extend other applications.

There is currently some code duplication between the two in the way of
the libseahorse directory.  This split was to allow some refactoring
in the seahorse module to properly support X509 certificates and other
encryption key stores.

seahorse remains in the same repository

seahorse-plugins resides in because we haven't
yet recieved a svn dump of the old repository to place in a new
module.  A new module has been created in bugzilla already and we're
in the process of reassigning bugs.



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