Re: Dependency Proposal: Clutter 0.6.2, ClutterMM 0.6


Pigment should be taken into account and not be dropped because it's
Python-only since it is not. Here is a C example of a Cairo sphere
rendered on a Pigment drawable:

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On Sun, 2008-04-20 at 16:36 -0500, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> Hi,
> For Gnome Games 2.24, I would like to have an optional
> hardware-accelerated Gnometris "theme". This would be enabled by
> default on installations where glxinfo reports "Direct Rendering:
> Yes". All of the old themes will continue to be present and used as
> "fall-backs" when the hardware is not there.
> After much research, clutter appears to be the most Gnome-friendly,
> stable, and active canvas-like project. Others which may come up in
> this discussion are largely inactive (goocanvas) or sufficiently
> incomplete (hippocanvas) as to make them unusable for implementation
> of a Tetris-like game animation. pigment is out because it's
> Python-only (or so I am told). I'm not saying anything bad about any
> of the above: just that they don't meet my requirements, right now. I
> considered other non-Gnome canvas options too such as QGraphicsView
> and Webkit <canvas> and decided against both due to very difficult
> implementation details.
> I suspect that this will make Gnometris more attractive for embedded
> use since many mobile devices now support OpenGL--though, no one has
> said they will use it for embedded use.
> I solicited objections to using clutter on our gnome-games mailing
> list and on my blog which is aggregated on Planet. There were no
> objections.
> Yes, it's yet another canvas. But, it appears to be widely available
> in distributions and no one is (yet) proposing it for inclusion in the
> Gnome officially.
> With a little work, the new rendering engine will add a lot of "bling"
> for very little coding investment. It will probably be something--at
> least--worth mentioning in the release notes. The fact that some
> drivers do not yet have OpenGL support is irrelevant as there are no
> plans to deprecate the existing theme engines.
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