Word-a-Day (Terminology Recommendations)

In an effort to revamp the terminology recommendations found in
our Documentation Style Guide, I'm starting a little initiative
I call Word-a-Day.  Basically, every day (more or less), I will
send a term or a group of related terms to gnome-doc-list for

I've CC'd a number of mailing lists for this announcement, but
the actual Word-a-Day emails will be sent to gnome-doc-list only.
Please subscribe to gnome-doc-list if you want to participate.
This is an otherwise low-traffic mailing list.

I have a rough list of terms to filter through here:


These are not necessarily terms that will be recommended or
recommended against.  They're just terms I've come across in
various style guides and communications media.  If there are
terms you feel should be addressed, add them to this page
under the 'User Suggestions' section.

When I select a term or group of terms, I will put together
a tentative recommendation.  If I'm personally undecided,
I'll formulate multiple recommendations we can choose from.
I'll send that information to the list for discussion and
put the terms here:


The 'Pending Terms' section will contain a list of terms
I've sent to the list, with a link to the mailing list
archive of the email.  Please do not edit this page.
Send your comments to the mailing list instead.

When a consensus has been reached, I'll move those terms
to the 'Completed Terms' section with the recommendations
we've agreed upon.

When this is all finished, I'll incorporate all the new
recommendations into the Style Guide.  This is the first
step in a revamp of the Style Guide.

For the curious, my plan is to change the GNOME Documentation
Style Guide to something more like the GNOME Manual of Style.
That is, it will contain language recommendations for both
documentation and user interfaces.  There may be sections
that deal specifically with documentation, if needed, but
the core of the document will not be documentation-specific.


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