Re: Timelapsed backgrounds

Hi Owen,

On 9/27/07, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
> My first reaction to this is "cool!" But then, I think.... how much of
> the time is the desktop actually visible? It seems a bit of a wasteful
> thing to spend CPU cycles animating something that's entirely obscured
> by my full-screen web-browser/evolution/eclipse/etc.
> Maybe it makes sense to actually monitor desktop visibility in some
> fashion so that you could still get the "cool, my desktop is matching
> my time of day" effect without doing a full frame blend every 14
> seconds when nobody is looking at it. (This would probably require  a
> property exported by the CM, since only the CM really knows if the
> desktop is currently visible)

That would be useful for other things too.  Maybe:


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