Re: Timelapsed backgrounds

"Alberto Ruiz" <aruiz gnome org> writes:

> > The idea is that the background gradually fades between a number of
> > images over the course of a day. One example would be a set of images
> > taken at the same location at different times of the day.
> >
> Although I think the feature is really cool, I think it should be optional
> since the fading effect is usually pretty slow and ugly on thin clients
> enviroments.

I think there is some confusion at about this. The code as posted does
not do any fading unless you explicitly select a timelapsing

If you do select such a background it will typically fade between two
images over the course of maybe an hour. With 255 levels of alpha,
that's So that's a frame per every 14 seconds. If that's undesirable
on thin clients, just don't select such a background.

The feature that Jeff talks about, where changing the background image
causes a fade from the previous one, is likely to have performance
issues even on desktops. But that is a different issue, that can be
considered if someone writes the code.


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