Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 10:03 +0100, Martyn Russell wrote:
> >>> Right, libempathy and libemapthy-gtk are GPL because it contains
> >>> code from Gossip. libempathy mostly contains trivial code from
> >>> gossip, 
> >>>
> >>> the rest is rewritten by me or some collabora workers who
> >>> are 100% OK to relicence, so it shouldn't be a problem to
> >>> relicence libempathy to LGPL. libempathy-gtk is more a problem
> >>> since lots of non-trivial code is written by Gossip developers
> >>> who doesn't seems to agree to relicence to LGPL...
> >>
> >> I'm getting slightly tired of you Xavier, again.
> >> 
> >> What are you basing this on? I for one haven't been asked at all 
> >> regarding this topic.
> > 
> > I asked Martyn's opinion long ago, I know he is not the only person
> > to decide but he wasn't for the relicencing.
> Rob basically summed it up perfectly.
> I have to say, I agree with Mikael, this is just not true. Empathy looks
> EXACTLY like Gossip for the most part, most of the widgets have taken
> years to write. To say that the code you use is trivial is insulting.

Xavier Claessens wrote *exactely the opposite* when he said that
"libempathy-gtk is more a problem since lots of non-trivial code is
written by Gossip developers". So you are in fact in violent agreement.

> I wouldn't re-license it mostly because of the way you have been with us
> Xavier. There is a way of treating people and I think you would have got
> more from us if you had remembered that.

Looks like there are decisions made because of anger.


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