Re: GNOME Panel++

I created a half-baked panel replacement prototype[1] last year with
Python/GTK. The code is pretty bad, but I think the basic concept is
worth considering. It was heavily inspired by the panel sidebar
interface in QNX Neutrino[2] and the BeOS panel[3].

My prototype uses a vertical orientation and displays the window list as
a collapsible tree. My prototype also includes an example applet that
displays an integrated instant messenger buddy list. The buddy list
component is actually fully functional and uses Pidgin via D-Bus. The
task list in my prototype was created using libwnck.

If anybody wants to see the code for my prototype, I can make it
available, but it's pretty much a hack. I just wanted to demonstrate the
concept and express support for a vertical panel concept. The current
GNOME panel generally doesn't work very well vertically, and I'd like to
see the next generation GNOME panel resolve that problem.


Ryan Paul

On Mon, 2007-09-24 at 04:00 +0100, Alex Jones wrote:
> Hi list
> What do we want from the next version of GNOME Panel?
> Do we want to evolve it or just replace the dependency on Bonobo for
> now?
> I think that unifying the concept of applets and more heavyweight
> "widgets" might be beneficial, unless anyone can think of any good
> reason why not to. Any GDesklets developers here?
> Cheers 
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