Re: GNOME Panel++


Le lundi 24 septembre 2007, à 04:00 +0100, Alex Jones a écrit :
>    Hi list
>    What do we want from the next version of GNOME Panel?
>    Do we want to evolve it or just replace the dependency on Bonobo for now?
>    I think that unifying the concept of applets and more heavyweight
>    "widgets" might be beneficial, unless anyone can think of any good reason
>    why not to. Any GDesklets developers here?

I've been thinking about this, and it's indeed important to come with a
reply to this kind of questions. The goal is not to remove the bonobo
dependency, but to get a better API for applets. Removing bonobo is more
of a side-effect to me.

About applets & desklets: I've no strong feeling here. On one hand it
makes some sense since they might be similar for the implementation, but
on the other hand I don't expect the clock displayed in the panel to
look and behave like the clock on a desktop.

Btw, I'd love if you could organize all the feedback on a wiki page so
it'll be easy to look at the list of "requirements" in the future.


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