Re: Mercurial - Distributed SCM in Gnome (Was: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?))

On 9/23/07, Sean Kelley <svk sweng gmail com> wrote:
I think GIT is not a very user friendly SCM for those coming from
other version control systems.  It is far too rough around the edges.
Will it get better?  I am sure over time it will.  But I certainly
wouldn't impose it on the multitude of Gnome developers who have
varying degress of SCM experience from the git go. :-)

Garmin's massive one-way pulling of source from a ton of projects probably dosen't make for a good test case. There's a number of things about your situatation that are unique and won't apply to those of us maintaining modules.

As I understand it from those I know on the inside, you're more-or-less forking what you deem to be "stable" snapshots of OSS libraries and maintaining your own company-local repositories that only Garmin developers use. The only merging your doing is taking patches from upstream and backporting them to the libraries you guys have decided to use for your hand helds...  please correct me if I'm miss-informed.

I'm a little skeptical that your experience will apply to anyone else (except perhaps Nokia and Motorola) based on what I know...

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