Re: Gnome Applets


Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007, à 16:17 -0500, Benjamin Gramlich a écrit :
> Greetings,
> Since bonobo is heading toward deprecation, what is the new way to write
> Gnome applets? Most of the documentation that's floating around out
> there is about 2 -5 years old. I'd like to write new tutorial for python
> applets with the new preferred architecture.

The current applet architecture still uses bonobo. This will probably
change soonish (yes, we - or at least I - have been saying this for
quite some time...).

We only need someone to step up to take what's good in Ryan's work,
finish it and integrate it. I had plans to do this for 2.22, but it's
becoming unlikely I'll be able to have enough time to complete this in
the 6 next months. I'm trying to stop promising stuff I won't be able
to deliver in time ;-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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