nxlaunch: A new GTK NX client

Heads up for those interested in remote desktop connections:

I just committed a GTK NX client called nxlaunch to the freenx svn
repository at berlios:


It's not quite finished, but is largely complete, with only a few
features and much bug testing now required.

Be nice to incorporate it into the Gnome desktop...

Right now, the connection details are read from and written to XML files
which are compatible with those generated by the proprietary client from
NoMachine. I haven't used any Gnome features in the program as yet; it's
pure GTK.

It has two components - one is the frontend - nxlaunch. nxlaunch forks a
new process and execs nxcl - this is a little program which actually
negotiates the connection. nxlaunch and nxcl talk to each other via
dbus. Both are GPL licenced. nxcl is an evolution of George Wright's
nxclientlib, which was developed as a Google Summer of Code project last
summer (2006).

Screenshots at http://www.esfnet.co.uk/index.php?page=nxlaunch


Seb James

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