Getting the Current Theme's Colors


I'm integrating Lgi, a xlib based application framework, with the Gnome desktop. And I want to be able to make an Lgi application sensitive to the current theme's fonts and colors so that is blends in with the Gnome desktop.

I've worked out how to query for the right system font to use. But I'm having a lot of trouble getting information about how to retrieve the theme's color scheme. I think I need to use gtk_style_lookup_color or maybe the color-hash property of the GtkStyle object. But I can't find any example code and the documentation is too brief. For instance gtk_style_lookup_color has a string parameter "color_name", but absolutely no description of what possible values you might be able to pass into it. The sorts of colors I need are the selection bg/fg color, text fg/bg, application workspace etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Matthew Allen <mailto:fret memecode com> | Memecode <> | SydneyBand <>

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