Module proposal: Anjuta for GNOME 2.22 (Development tools)


Proposal: Include Anjuta in GNOME Dev tools

Target: Development Tools

Purpose: Anjuta is an integrated development environment for GNOME. It's
purpose is to make developing applications for Gtk+/GNOME easier. It
integrates other GNOME technologies such as devhelp, glade and

Dependencies: GNOME SVN, but not GNOME: gnome-build and gdl! All other
dependencies are optional at build time (libsvn, graphviz, some more).
Run-time dependencies are: ctags, gdb, autogen and usual build tools

Resource usage: Anjuta uses GNOME Bugzilla, GNOME SVN and GNOME FTP

Adoption: Anjuta is at least included in Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora

GNOME-ness: The project works together with gnome-i18n and bugsquad. We
also try to care about bugs marked as "usability". Documentation and
accessibility work could be vastly improved though.

Some words on progress of the project:
The first stable release of Anjuta 2.x series was Anjuta 2.2.0, released
2007-06-25, followed up by a bug-fix release 2.2.1 on 2007-09-07 which
fixed most reasonable crashers, except bug #467698 which still has an
unknown (and probably gtk+ related) cause.
For the next release (2.4) which is the one which could be included in
GNOME 2.22, following things are planned or already done:

- Better preferences (already done in trunk)
- Better Debugger operations (partly done in trunk)
- Better glade integration (partly done in trunk)
- Better code completion and more supported programming languages (being
worked on, partly in trunk)
- New sqlite based symbol-db (in trunk but needs performance more work)
- Update to GtkSourceview2 (depends on integration of SourceMarkers in
- bug fixing...



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