[Freeze Break Request] deskbar, history crasher

Hi Release Team et al.

 - sorry for cross posting to release-team, but I had some technical problems...

Deskbar trunk has a crasher in the history extension that makes it crash on every query once it is enabled.

I get this consistently on my work machine, but not in my own laptop, so it is likely caused by some undertermined bug in the history file.

The following patch fixes it in a one-liner, but it will only fix the symptoms (and that is guaranteed), not the cause. I have OK from Sebastian (the SoC guy doing the rewrite).

Index: deskbar/handlers/history.py
--- deskbar/handlers/history.py (revision 1660)
+++ deskbar/handlers/history.py (working copy)
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
         self._action = action
     def get_hash(self, text=None):
-        return "history_"+self._action.get_hash()
+        return "history_"+str(self._action.get_hash())
     def get_icon(self):
         return self._action.get_pixbuf()

There is no bug report open on this. Is it OK to commit? Cheers,

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