Re: Distributed SCM in Gnome (Was: Git vs SVN (was: Can we improve things?))

<quote who="Bryan Clark">

> I'm trying to stop talking the merits of Git.  If I could put on my GNOME
> Benevolent Dictator (GBD) hat on right now I'd say:

Bryan, surely you would be saying something closer to, "Where did everyone
lose their sense of taste? Git is almost antithetical to GNOME's desires for
'just works', usability and tastefulness. What the hell is going on here?"


I'd like to suggest we split these ideas back up again: DSCM will be great,
but why not think about clever things we can do with our infrastructure to
drive participation *now*, independently of the SCM platform? This is the
direction Havoc was attempting handwave towards.

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
     "Old timers will tell you what a pain unstable was during the new
        testament transition." - Jon Corbet on Debian's KJV packages

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