Re: (Another) UI breakage request for Yelp


Am Mittwoch, den 05.09.2007, 20:15 +0100 schrieb Don Scorgie:
> The Yelp TOC, man pages and info pages currently do not support theming.
> This was an oversight on my part.  I updated the docbook xslt to new
> g-d-u hotness but forgot to update the info, man and TOC xslt.  Man and
> info pages are unaffected by this (they don't use the theme settings for
> anything implemented).  The affected area is the TOC.  The attached
> patch makes the TOC use the theme settings again (for link colour and
> the nice border around the section name).
> Once more, I'll note that any affected screenshots are already outdated
> and without this, the TOC may break under certain themes (high contrast
> inverse) and (either way) looks somewhat out-of-place.

heh, now you know what to write, eh? ;-)
because the toc may break and the screenshots are already outdated, this
is a 1 out of 2 approval.

note however that it's getting late in the 2.19 cycle, so be quick. :-)


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