Re: New simpler gnome-keyring API

Havoc Pennington wrote:
>  - the docs don't really explain what the NETWORK_PASSWORD,
>    GENERIC_SECRET, NOTE thing is for. My understanding
>    is that basically everyone should use GENERIC_SECRET?

True, good point. It may be that we could come up with some additional
types and suggested sets of attributes to be used with them.

>  - more pie-in-the-sky, it *might* (or might not) be
>    clearer/simpler to do the API as follows:
>     schema = gnome_keyring_item_schema_new(
>        _("My special password"),
>        NULL);

Yes, I did give a schema based API a bit of thought, and it may be a
good idea.

However I was thinking that most callers of the API will use two (or
maybe three) function calls to gnome-keyring:

 gnome_keyring_delete_password (maybe)

And it seems that it may just be simpler to have the attribute types
specified in the very few calls themselves.

Stef Walter

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