Re: Determining idleness when auto-suspending

Odysseus Flappington wrote:

> *Windows*
> According to the MSDN (
> < for all Win32
> OSes: "As long as the system determines that there is user or application
> activity, it will not put the system into the sleep state. The system can
> detect certain activities, such as user input or network communications.
> However, there are other activities that the system cannot track. [...] To
> notify the system that your application is busy, use the
> SetThreadExecutionState  function. This function prevents the system from
> placing the system or the display into the sleep state while the application
> is running."
> The windows docs don't go into any detail on how the OS "determines that
> there is [...] application activity", and I couldn't find any info anywhere
> else, but the SetThreadExecutionState reminds me of Gnome's inhibit dbus
> method, with an added layer to detect application activity.

Probably you already read those:

Just in case you didn't,


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