Re: Leaving gnome-mag maintenance


It's been a pleasure to work with you over the past year. Your work on gnome-mag is greatly appreciated and we're going to miss your energy.

Do you have any maintainers in mind and/or ideas for where to take gnome-mag? For example, thoughts about where we can fit things in the space of eZoom, DBUS, metacity, etc.? You have a wealth of knowledge in your head, and it would be great to get it written down before you forget it.

Thanks again for all of your hard work!


Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes wrote:

I'm sending this e-mail just to announce that I'm leaving the
gnome-mag maintenance. I will still make releases since a new
maintainer appear.

I really liked the time that I developed for it, the people that I
known, and all the things that I learned during this time. This was
very amazing!

I would like to continue, but the tasks that I think that must be
addressed are very time consuming and I don't have the time to code
them, or better, I need this time to others things that I think that
is more important in this moment of my life. BTW, there are some
people working with magnification and I believe that we will have
better magnifiers soon.

I hope to contribute again with the GNOME project sometime in the future.

I'm also sending this e-mail to know if someone want to pick up this
module maintenance and to say that I will be here to help with any
doubt about the code.

Best regards,
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