Re: My real name

On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 12:10 +0000, Nate Nielsen wrote:
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> I'm a bit of a private person, and for some time now (actually since I
> was a teen) I've been using an online alias of 'Nate Nielsen' instead of
> my real name.
> Stefan Walter is my real name [1].
> For various reasons, I've decided to use my real name for contributions
> to GNOME from now on.
> I'm sorry for any misunderstandings or confusion this may have caused.

It looks like the Internet version of the chilean novel 'El Socio' by
Jenaro Prieto (1928).  There is a french movie based on the novel:
'L'Associe' which also have a remake 'The Associate'.

I never haven't seen the any of those movies, but the novel worth to
be read.

I hope my best wishes for you, far from than Juli�Pardo had.

Germ�Po�ama�oncepci� Chile

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