Re: gnome-screensaver photo slideshow CPU usage

Le lundi 28 mai 2007 à 09:26 -0700, ajkessel a écrit :
> The photo slideshow screensaver in gnome-screensaver puts such a load on my
> laptop's CPU that the fan runs constantly and tasks such as music playing
> with totem become very choppy. Although it's an older laptop, I would hope
> it wouldn't be viewed as totally obsolete: it's a Pentium III 700 MHz with
> 512M RAM.
> The only way I can get music to play smoothly while the screensaver is on is
> to renice -1 the music task and +20 the screensaver task.
> Is there some reason the photo slideshow is so CPU intensive? At first I
> thought it was because it was resizing the images to fit the screen, but
> after converting all the images in my image directory to 1024x768 (the LCD
> resolution), the result is identical. 
> Can anyone suggest a workaround for this? It doesn't seem like too much to
> ask for to be able to play normal bitrate MP3s and have the screensaver on
> at the same time.

It could be beagle which try to index as much files as possible when
screensaver is active. You'll have to check.
Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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