Re: [gst-devel] Why is gstreamer not an external dependency?

> > 
> > Definitely a good question to mull over.  I don't have a good answer.
> > Maybe someone else does.
> Well, to me, it makes totally sense to have a multimedia framework in
> GNOME since many applications are dealing with multimedia.
> I believe the goal is to move GStreamer to the platform once it becomes
> API-stable.

For all intents and purposes, GStreamer *is* API-stable.  You will
always have an API-stable GStreamer 0.10 to link against.  If 0.12 or
1.0 comes out, even if the API doesn't change, files need
to be updated to find it.  0.10 will happily coexist with 0.12 and 1.0

>  Btw, it'd be really nice to know if there are plans to
> release GStreamer 1.0 ;-)

There are always plans.  Not speaking for anyone else on the GStreamer
team - my personal feeling is that we should have apps like Jokosher and
Pitivi and Flumotion and a DVD player running happily, do one short
iteration of 0.11 where we clean up the worst bits of the API that we
don't want to support, and implement some more advanced features like
interlacing, and then it's ready to go.  But this is just a personal


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