Re: Semantic GNOME

I'm working on a project called S-Flux [1][2]. It uses Semantic Web
technologies to describe the desktop environment (mainly applications
and documents)  trying to hide applications to the user letting him
concentrate just on the operations suitable for the selected
I've developed a proof-of-concept of the application for my master
thesis but it now needs a total redesign and rewrite and the work on
it goes on quite slowly; unfortunately now I'm not a student anymore
and my spare time is not so much :-) (I'm not working for a company
that let me work on a project in my 20% of time ;-) )

Anyway I'll give a lighting talk about the project at the next GUADEC [3]



2007/5/17, Piotr Gaczkowski <doomhammer poczta wp pl>:

KDE with Mandriva is working on adaptation of semantic technologies[1]
on desktop. Are there any similar efforts going on in the GNOME world?

Piotr Gaczkowski

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