Re: Semantic GNOME


On 5/17/07, Piotr Gaczkowski <doomhammer poczta wp pl> wrote:
KDE with Mandriva is working on adaptation of semantic technologies[1]
on desktop. Are there any similar efforts going on in the GNOME world?

Projects like Beagle and Tracker are at the fringes of this, by
indexing and making searchable both the text of your files and its

The nepomuk web site is incredibly hard to understand and follow, but
the first step to making the desktop "semantic" is simple: we have to
build those relationships in our applications.  Evolution should
create an association between an email attachment and the person who
sent it to me when I choose to save it to disk.  That information
should persist, no matter how many times I edit or copy that file.
Now do that for every application in the platform. :)

Saying "we need to solve the semantic desktop problem!" is entirely
the wrong way to approach this, if for no other reason than you
haven't actually described what the problem is.


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