Re: Rise of the Plugins

On 5/17/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
UI and code sharing
Every time a new module is getting the plugin love, I'm seeing this: "I
stole the gedit/epiphany code and integrated it". Wow. Copy and paste?
Would it be possible to share all this code in a library? (maybe it's
not, I don't know: I didn't look at that code)

Also, each module is having its own plugin/extension manager dialog, and
they are all looking the same, but with small variations. Wouldn't it
make sense to standardize this? Again, maybe a library could help.

(And in the future, we might want to get some "update the extensions
from the internet" feature, and we don't want to implement this ten
times, do we?)

Though not relevant to all GNOME applications, Mono.Addins [1] is a
very good start at solving this part of the problem for Mono

And what about NewStuffManager?  Isn't it also proposed as a solution
to some of these problems?



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