Re: notification enhancements

On 4/27/07, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> wrote:
> 2) Prefs don't have to be duplicated. Notification-daemon has
> preferences for specifying which corner of the screen is the base for
> the stack, and Mugshot/Thunderbird/whatever wouldn't have to know about
> this. It only has to know that it's supposed to display the notification
> at a specific location.

Right now Mugshot shows the notification next to the Mugshot icon; it
seems like we need to keep doing that. Especially since if you click the
icon, it opens the "browse mode" (all past notifications) in a window
that is also positioned next to the icon. You can also "convert" a
notification into the browser window. If the notification weren't shown
next to the Mugshot icon, then the interaction breaks down a bit.

Oh, so right now the notifications are just context-specific, pointing to an icon rather than appearing in a corner? If that's the case, you can probably just display it and not worry about notification-daemon at all. It may overlap an existing notification, but then, so do context notifications with notification-daemon today. I was under the impression it needed to appear in a corner, stacked, which is where I thought the Begin/End stuff would help.

> 3) Multi-head logic doesn't have to be duplicated. There's an
> experimental patch for basically implementing a Xinerama-aware
> _NET_WORK_AREA so that notifications will always appear at the right
> place on whatever head the mouse cursor is on, taking into account
> panels and different screen sizes.

I think it would probably make the above-mentioned problem worse to show
the Mugshot notification on another monitor... I would expect that the
notification is always on the monitor with the Mugshot icon...


Christian Hammond - chipx86 chipx86 com
VMware, Inc.

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