Evolution Maintainership

Hi friends,

This mail is to announce that Srinivasa Ragavan (srag) is joining me
to assume the responsibilites as maintainer of the Evolution project.

Most of you already know Srini (as he is fondly referred to by the Evo
folks) - having interacted with him on IRC, mail or in person during
GUADEC 2006. He is one of our best and most energetic hackers. A few
of his notable contributions include the Evolution Attachment Bar, the
Vertical View for mails, integrating Evolution with the GNOME keyring
and the GNOME VFS backend etc. He has also been prolific in building
the student community in India as part of the Novell Open Source
Internship Program and has mentored students on the Global search,
Cairo integration, migration to gtk-print etc.
He is also looking after the addressbook module in Evolution and
GtkHTML and has been handling the release management partly during the
last development series.

Srini is already busy seeding the Planning page for Evolution Two
Twelve.  Please join the discussions at
http://www.go-evolution.org/Evo2.12. I wish Srini the best in his new

Though I would not be hacking on Evolution full-time in the near
future, I hope to do my bit by reviewing patches, writing
documentation and keeping the web sites up-to-date on spare cycles.
  I would also like to thank you all for your co-operation and for
bearing with me while I was learning the ropes and juggling through my
priorities. You have helped me to learn a lot and have loads of fun
while doing so.

- Harish

Pure in heart, like uncut jade,
he cleared the muddy water
by leaving it alone.

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