Re: Problems using gnome-2-18 branch for evolution-data-server in jhbuild

Bingo, Guenther !

I *did* send the mail from GMail using my novell profile - so I could
work around the blockade the gnome list servers have imposed on mails
from my LAN [1], hoping the moderators  would fish them out from the
approval queue.

> It seems that evo stuff silently branched for GNOME 2.18.
> I tried to update jhbuild moduleset to use this branch (patch
> attached),
> but it seems there are some issues against libical in
> evolution-data-server. Here is the jhbuild console log trying to
> perform
> the svn switch:

> Any idea? Please note that jhbuild is trying to get the wrong
> "directory": it should be
> not

Luca :

Does the tree make a noise when it falls but there is no one to hear ?
Guess you had attempted to do a check-out, some time when I had started
branching the stuff but had not been done yet.

It should be working fine now - the libical (from EDS ) had to have its
nose pointing towards the stable branch of the external module.


[1] This appears to be a problem with my office network, not that of the
GNOME servers- our friendly admins are working on it.

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