GNOME x509 Certificate and Key Store

[Apologies for the second copy. In a classic brain fart, I used the
subject line of another email I was composing.]

During the next GNOME release cycle I hope to work more on x509
certificates in GNOME. No promises, but I'd like to announce what I'm
working on so that there's no overlap with others' work. And obviously
if anyone has concerns or ideas I'd like to hear them...

I'd like to make a GNOME certificate store (similar to what Windows and
Mac OSX provide) which libraries like NSS, gnutls and others can plug
into. This will allow certificates to be shared between applications.

I'll probably use PKCS #11 which is a standard for this sort of thing.

I hope to store the private keys in the user's gnome-keyring and
protected them with the keyring password. A PKCS #11 module provided by
gnome-keyring would plug into epiphany, firefox, evolution etc...

Nate Nielsen

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