Worst bug ever, tasklist button size

Hello everyone,

Since I use GNOME I remember that one thing has always make me wonder
"what the...?" while doing normal work. That one thing is the Window
List applet in the panel, a.k.a. tasklist.

Now, what's the problem? Well I think you all know, buttons get
magically resized depending on the title of the windows. So there are
situations where your takslist buttons jump all around.
A worse scenario is present when you use aMSN (this is an MSN client),
when someone messages you, the window title changes as it flashes so
it's quite impossible to click the window in the tasklist. Note that I
don't think aMSN's behaviour is ok, but I'm giving it as an example of
the worse thing this bug can do to you and your loved ones™.

The bug is here:

There are patches from 3 different people, and not a lot of activity
since December. What's holding us from fixing this?.

Just wanted to draw attention to this, no flame or trolling intended.



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