Re: Proposal: Replace scrollkeeper

On 6/19/07, Don Scorgie <Don scorgie org> wrote:

With the recent release of Rarian (new name for spoon) [1], I'd like to
propose replacing scrollkeeper with it and moving it to the external
dependencies moduleset.

Rarian is now on the "odd - unstable, even - stable" style release
cycle.  Ive just released 0.5.0.  My plan is to put only bug-fixes and
documentation into this branch, resulting in a stable 0.6.0 in good time
for GNOME 2.20.

Finally, you can get the 0.5.0 release from

So there you have it.  Anyone want to volunteer an opinion, question,

You rock!!  So am I understanding correctly that not only Rarian many
times cooler, but it's a drop in replacement with no work yet required
on anyone's part?  If so, that's just unbelievably cool.  :-)

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