Re: libgnome{ui} unstable tarballs?

ons, 13.06.2007 kl. 15.37 -0400, skrev Claudio Saavedra:
> Hi,
> Next week, GNOME 2.19.4 is to be released. There are no 2.19 releases of
> libgnomeui and libgnome, though.
> Can we get a release for 2.19.4? If maintainers are unable to roll the
> tarballs, I can volunteer and roll them on Monday. It'd be nice to have
> broader testing of these libraries before the next stable series (I know
> there's only bug fixing in, but you never know).
> (ok, the same applies in theory to libbonobo{ui}... hm...)
I've just bought a house and have been very busy painting, flooring,
gardening and so on :-)

I would love it if someone could handle these releases for me in the
mean time. Probably should ask michael too if libbonobo* and ORBit2 are


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