Re: External Deps: update pwlib and opal version

Le mercredi 06 juin 2007 �0:05 -0600, Elijah Newren a �it :


> > > We need to either get updated pwlib/opal tarballs, or downgrade ekiga
> > > temporarily.  Actually, I think I switched jhbuild to just build ekiga
> > > from tarballs precisely due to this super-strict pwlib & opal version
> > > dependency issue.  Maybe that should just be reflected in the wiki,
> > > with the understanding that it can and will update quite often?
> >
> > I plan to provide up to date tarballs of OPAL and PWLIB for the stable
> > branch of Ekiga (I am actually doing it).
> >
> > However, the unstable branch of Ekiga (ie SVN Trunk) depends on the
> > unstable branch of PWLIB and OPAL (ie CVS HEAD) for which there are
> > rarely tarballs.
> >
> > I will do what you will suggest.
> Is there any way you can fix your dependencies to be e.g., opal >=
> OPAL_REQUIRED rather than opal == OPAL_REQUIRED?  That would be the
> optimal fix.

I can do that, but OPAL and PWLIB's API changes between different major

So trying to compile Ekiga 2.0.x against CVS HEAD of OPAL and PWLIB
won't work and compiling Ekiga SVN against lower versions of OPAL and
PWLIB is not a good idea either, because in that case, people complain
of bugs that are in the libs and not in Ekia.

> Alternatively, if you could get unstable opal and pwlib tarballs
> uploaded and hopefully rolled more often (whenever ekiga needs
> something newer), that would at least allow us a path forward using
> ekiga trunk, though the '>=' thing would be a far better solution.

I will ask on the Ekiga mailing list if somebody can do it to help.

(The problem is not my unwilling to upload those tarballs, but it
consumes time, and I don't have much spare time anymore so I prefer
devoting it to coding.)
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