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Peter Parente wrote:

> Yesterday, IBM decided to change strategies with respect to GNOME accessibility:
> Under this new plan, IBM is no longer supporting development of LSR,
> Accerciser, pyatspi, AT-SPI::Collection, or Firefox/AT-SPI
> accessibility. These projects will not vanish, but the news does have
> an impact on each.

I don't quite comprehend what led to this decision from IBM but by a
long chalk it is a painful decision that's perhaps sudden.

[massive snip]

> Personally, I am still extremely interested in accessibility and the
> GNOME desktop. The IBM decision means that I will no longer contribute
> to GNOME through my daily work, but I certainly plan to make
> contributions to GNOME as a hobbyist. In addition, I will gladly help
> anyone who wishes to develop or reuse any of the projects I worked on
> for the past two years. Feel free to contact me about them at any
> time.

Is there a way that the roadmaps etc can be made public as quickly as
possible (provided there are no legal encumbrances) so that one can then
figure out how best to get other folks actually contributing to them ?

This is a really painful decision from IBM


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