Call for Release Notes


It's that time of the year where you guys can show off all the work
you've been putting into your modules.

At the above URL you will find the beginnings of the release notes.
Please begin to document the major changes to your modules on this
page. Our crack team of volunteers will then transform your geeky
bullets into something that we can show off to our users. I've started
that process here:

In the past Davyd Madeley did an awesome[1] job[2] translating the
release notes into something consumable by the Common Man(tm). Our
goal is is to use his notes as a baseline of what to do and crank up
the awesomeness of the release notes to the next level.

You can help by filing up ReleaseNotes with your changes. Those
aspiring authors in the crowd can also help by contributing to the
Drafts Page. We could use a few bodies to dig through changelogs, take
screenshots, etc. etc.

Feel free to ping me on irc if you've got something that you want shown off.

(whiprush on irc)

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