Re: GNOME online desktop the great proxy

I agree and something that has been discussed in other forums.  All first class objects like the ones you discussed should have some API for getting and setting into GOD.  I believe from our previous discussions we think the local objects are just cached so maybe sets are nothing more than a write though the cache.  I would like to see the write queued if GOD isn't currently available but others have expressed that writes would only succeed if GOD is available.  Obviously we don't want to get into the business of conflict resolution and should avoid it at all costs.

Question for Havoc or Bryan.  How do you guys plan on supporting new Web 2.0 services that become insanely popular, for ex. Twitter.?  I guess I'm wondering if the service doesn't really fit into a first class object how would you easily provide a nice desktop plugin leveraging GOD.


On 7/29/07, adel <netdur+maillist gmail com> wrote:

I think it would be cool if G.O.D. act like a proxy between desktop
application and web application by providing API, for example, tomboy
should be able to sync with Google notes, Yahoo! notes... or private
work/home server, tomboy shouldn't care what provider you are using,
it just talk to G.O.D. via API/d-bus and get/set notes, the same thing
should  apply to contacts, to do list, photos managers (flickr or
picasa who cares)

- adel
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