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On Fri, 2007-07-27 at 08:37 -0700, Travis Reitter wrote:
> > (Was that the idea of Galago? I'm not sure what has replaced it these
> > days. Somebody really needs to do a glossary of the Telepathy
> > ecosystem.)
> Galago (if I remember correctly) meant to merge evolution contacts with
> gaim contacts.

Galago is a centralised store of people and their presence.  How that
data is obtained is pluggable.  The standard galago system consists of
eds-feed (which injects people's names and IM accounts from EDS), and
gaim-feed (which injects IM accounts and presence).  The end results is
that you can know that Paul is online because it merges the data from
both data sources.

> Nokia uses a modified version based on Telepathy instead
> of gaim.

Actually Nokia ship a different feed, telepathy-feed, which can be
compared to gaim-feed in that it injects into Galago the username and
presence of every account currently online in every Telepathy

> But there were some design issues with it (eg, it aliases data,
> instead of just holding references) and it's basically unmaintained
> (except for Nokia's work).

Personally the New World Order consists of Telepathy handling all IM, so
Galago isn't required at all because all of the information is already
in once place with a sane API.  Galago was basically created because
there were many IM clients, each with either no or terrible APIs for
accessing the state.

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