Re: Rarian again

On 7/26/07, Don Scorgie <Don scorgie org> wrote:
> Since the last time I proposed this, I have fixed the various issues
> people had:
> * Rarian has now moved to freedesktop, where there's a mailing list,
> bugzilla and SVN access
> * A manual is now included and installed (accessible through a Rarian
> metadata file to read in yelp or in
> $datadir/librarian/manual/index.xhtml for those that don't like the
> wonderful yelp.
> and released 0.5.2 [0], which has a few bug fixes (mostly auto-foo
> stuff, which I suck at).
> Attached is a patch for jhbuild that removes scrollkeeper and replaces
> it with rarian.  I've done one jhbuild with it applied [1] and it goes
> through fine.
> I'd like to get this through ASAP as I'd like to get yelp depending on
> it before feature freeze (I'm happy with our rework branch and want to
> merge it, but it depends on new rarian features).
> Any thoughts [2]?

Here are some:

* Since librarian is intended to be for general consumption, maybe it
would make more sense to build the documentation using gtk-doc or
doxygen? gtk-doc isn't the easiest tool to work with, but the html
result is quite a bit nicer than what yelp gives you. I can probably
help you set it up if you like.

* I'd really like some man pages. I know rarian works exactly like
scrollkeeper so you can just type man scrollkeeper-update to get help
for rarian-sk-update. But in the future, when rarian has totally
replaced scrollkeeper, that won't work. Basically, couldn't you just
copy-paste the man pages from scrollkeeper?

Rarian looks really great though.

mvh Björn

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