Re: Online Desktop/People apps (short-term)

<quote who="Owen Taylor">

> Exactly ... we shouldn't think about synchronizing your machine's
> addressbook with some other addressbook, we should think of it more like
> IMAP where you may have some ability to do things offline, but it's clear
> that you are editing the online copy.

One way I've found to explain these ideas is to compare with Gmail. We were
all (plurality of Open Source developers and projects) concentrating on the
web interface to IMAP thing... Google dodged that whole bullet (and all the
standards with it) in their platform, and delivered a fantastic experience.

We need to be willing to design outside the limitations of standards to get
where we want to go for our users (but hopefully deliver them afterward).

- Jeff

Ubuntu Live 2007: Portland, OR, USA     
                           No clue is good clue.

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