Re: machine and session ID

2007/7/23, Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com>:

For those who don't know, dbus 1.0 has a GUID for the host, and dbus 1.1
(soon to be 1.2) has a GUID for the session also (dbus_bus_get_guid()).

These may be useful on occasion. My belief is that "the session" should
be defined as "the set of things using the same session bus" and thus
the dbus session bus GUID is a unique identifier for the session.

There was some discussion on the Administration BoF (GNOME targeted for sysadmins) about how can we know if a user is logged in in gnome or not to avoid multiple sessions of the same user, I wonder if this feature might be useful in such case.

If it's helpful, we could have dbus-launch set the session GUID in an
environment variable also.

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