Re: LibUnique as blessed dependency

On Thu, Jul 12, 2007, Alex Jones wrote:
> Is there any documentation on the approach used by Maemo? I had heard
> about this a long time ago but never managed to find any substantial
> information on it.

Not sure about any doc on this :(

But basically it works as Havoc suggested:

. each app was meant to implement a top_application method (though in
practice none does, but it doesn't really matter)
. the desktop file references both an Exec (for legacy) and a X-Service,
which is the service it register
. wherever an app is launched (application menu, mime-handling library
...), if the .desktop file has this X-Service, the method is called (via
osso_rpc_run). If not it falls back to Exec.
. the app registers the service it declares on startup, and exit if the
name is already owned.

Johan Bilien
<jobi via ecp fr>

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