Re: Remove libgnomeui where possible?

On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 11:08 +0000, Richard Hughes wrote:
> A bug [1] has been opened recently for gnome-power-manager which removes
> the use of libgnomeui which reportedly makes the applications startup
> quicker (as about 25 less libraries are loaded) and use a lot less
> memory. I've not tested this myself, so this may be wildly inaccurate.
> Now, while the rest of the patch is hardly invasive, replacing
> gnome_program_init with gtk_init removes bug buddy support and maybe
> other stuff I'm not aware of. I think gnome-power-manager needs bug
> buddy integration, so this might be the killer of this patch.
> So the real question is, do we really need to load the whole of the
> giant libgnomeui just to integrate with bug buddy and open a yelp file?
> Is using libgnomeui essentially cost-free if it's being used by other
> open programs? Should libgnomeui be chopped into smaller pieces? Am I
> asking too many questions? :-)

It's not that tricky to copy and paste the libgnomeui code that handles
sigsegv and calls bug-buddy, the code is pretty small.  I'd do that.
Maybe GTK+ should have a hook for a process to call on sigsegv...

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